Choosing a Tablet for your Child

Tablet for KidsWe live in such a modern world that can hardly imagine our lives without computers and cell phones. They became an important part of our lives and without them we feel like in Middle Ages. Some people even feel anxious when forget or lose somewhere their phones. The technologies are developing and today a smartphone is more than just a phone. It is a personal computer which you have always with you. In 21th century even kids have modern devices created exclusively for them. Today we will talk about tablets for kids and how to choose most appropriate for your child.

Any parent would enjoy a tablet created for a kid! Why? Because tablets for kids are simple, bright and funny! They contain educational games and material suitable for kids from 3 to 10. These tablets do contain a lot of entrentainment so that your kid will be occupied all the time you drive in your car or make a cleaning in your house!

You should pay attention on the next tablet features:

1. Design
A tablet for children should have a light weight and be thin so that small childish hands could hold it on. The exterior must be rugged enough because children normally drop things and tablets make no exception. A tablet with camera will help your kid learn to make photos and Wi-Fi will help to show them to friends and parents. Generally, for a child there is no need for a fast processor or high resolution.

2. Easiness
The tablet should have software suitable for the age of your child, so that he could easy navigate no matter on his reading level. He must navigate it himself without someone’s help. Though kid’s tablets have a lot of features and seem complicated, but in fact they are much simplier than ordinary tabletsfor adults.

3. Preloaded Games
The tablet should come with preloaded games and educational applications that are kid friendly so that he could easy understand them. There are many interactive books for the smallest who just learn to read. Also some tablets come with art studios which allow child to paint with their fingers or with a stylus.

4. Parental Filters
Best tablet for kids have such option as parental filters which help parents decide where on the web child may enter and where not. Some tablets permit parents to see their child’s progress in workbooks that is very nice!

How to Choose a Shampoo for Dry Hair

Healthy Hair

First determine if your hair is really dry. There are three major signs you should consider:

- your hair has a lot of flyaways and static;
- if you have a curly hair, it is more crinkly than usually, and may go straight at the ends instead of being curly;
- hair color looks  grey and dull.

Dry hair needs moisure and you need to use special shampoos and conditioners which do contain a penetrating oil. These shampoos will help your hair to become shiny again and look beautiful and healthy.

Choosing a right shampoo and conditioner for dry hair
Mostly, only water can really moisturize dry hair. Essential oils contain fatty acids which help to soften hair and add elasticity. Glycerin and panthenol help water bind better to the hair.

It is important for shampoo to cintain paricular oils. Oils may be of two types: surface-coating and penetrating. An ideal shampoo should contain both, because surface-coating oils help seal in water and smooth the cuticle and penetrating oils reach the cortex. Generally, look for shampoos and conditioners with penetrating oils, in case you cannot find with both :)

List of penetrating oils: Coconut, Olive, Aragon, Palm Kernel, Avocado.
List of surface-coating oils: Sesame, Jojoba, Mineral Oil, Grapeseed, Castor Oil.

Make a list of these ingredients and have it with you when you go to buy a shampoo and conditioner. First of all you should look for words  “moisturizing” or “for dry hair” on the bottles. Check the labels. Water comes first, then come water binders, and oils come at the end.

Best Cigarettes for Beginners


People who want to start smoking often ask what cigarettes are best to start with. Today tobacco market offers a wide range of cigarettes and a beginner has difficulties with choosing an appropiate brand for him. The present guide will help smokers to make a right choice.

It is better for smokers to start their smoking experiences with menthol cigarettes. They usually contain small amount of tar and nicotine which make smoking smooth and pleasant.

Menthol is widely used in medicinal products for treating cough. Also menthol is used in tobacco products. Menthol has a minty taste and aroma, and makes man feel cool sensation in his mouth. Cooling property of menthol helps to reduce the irritation and harshness of smoking when used in cigarettes.

Let us start from mildest among menthols:

1. Glamour Superslims Menthol
Contains 3.0 mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine.
Glamour is Japan Tobacco International’s leading brand among Super Slims, which was introduced in 2005, Since its introduction the brand managed to gain popularity and become number one Super Slims brand in several Eastern European and Asian countries. Also in the Glamour product line you will find Glamour Superslims Menthol Aroma which contains same amounts of tar and nicotine but its shape is slimmer.

2. Karelia Slims Menthol
Contains 3.0 mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine.
The brand is produced by Karelia Tobacco S.A., a tobacco company from Greece. The company’s history started in 1888 when the first generation of the family Karelia created a small tobacco company in Kalamata, Greece, that sold tobacco in paper pouches to local customers.

Then go little bit stronger:

3. Kiss Superslims Menthol
Contains 5.0 mg tar and o.6 mg nicotine.
This is the product of British Innovation Tobacco Company which uses only best sorts of Barley and Virginia tobaccos. The tobacco manufacturer uses the best tobacco leaves that are imported from best tobacco plantations from  Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Malawi.

4. Esse Super Slims Menthol
Contains 6.0 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine.
The manufacturer of this brand is KT&G, the largest cigarette company in Korea. Esse is the leading cigarettes brand in many countries worldwide in premium cigarettes category. It has a highly effective filter system and the lowest amount of harmful additives.

5. Vogue Super Slims Menthe
Contains 7.0 mg tar and 0.7 mg.
In my list these are strongest among menthols, but generally they are mild among all cigarettes. A beginner may start smoking them at once in case he wants a stronger sensation, or he may turn to them gradually. Vogue is a stylish brand for fashionable people. Vogue cigarettes brand is made by British American Tobacco and its style was based on the 1950s couture captured by Henry Clarke. It should be noted that Madonna is smoking Vogue cigarettes in the video for single Vogue.

Best Cigarettes For Men


In my previous post I wrote about best cigarettes for women. Now we will talk about best cigarettes for men. What men like in cigarettes? Yeah, the tatse of tobacco. Most men like strong cigarettes to feel real taste and smoke of tobacco. For example, among all Marlboro varieties most popular among male smokers is Marlboro Red, a full-flavor version which contains Tar: 10.0 mg and Nicotine 0.8 mg. However, these are not strongest cigarettes on the market because strongest remain non-filters.

Let us look through cigarette brnads considered best for men among filters:

1. Marlboro cigarettes
One of oldest brands among cigaretets which was introduced by Philip Morris in 1924. At the beginning it was created for women but soon the brand started targeting men. Marlboro is number one cigarette brand for years and nowadays it is most popular cigarette brand available in next varieties:
Marlboro Red
Marlboro Gold
Marlboro Gold Fine Touch
Marlboro Gold Touch
Marlboro Gold Edge
Marlboro Filter Plus Extra
Marlboro Flavor Note
The strongest version is Marlboro Red and the mildest is Marlboro Flavor Note.

2. Camel cigarettes
Camel was launched on tobacco market in 1913 by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company. These were first cigarettes packed in small boxes and it was an innovation in tobacco industry. The manufacturer created a new exclusive blend of tobaccos in order to attract customers. At the beginning it was one variety but today there are several ones:
Camel Filters
Camel Silver
Camel Blue
Camel Black
Camel White
The strongest version is Camel Filters and the mildest is Camel Silver.

3. Winston cigarettes
Winston was launched in 1954 in the USA by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and in short time became very popular among smokers. They became famous due to slogan “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.” Today you may choose among next Winston varieties:
Winston Classic
Winston Silver
Winston White
Winston Blue
Winston Super Slims Silver
Winston Super Slims Blue
Winston XS Nano Blue
Winston XS Nano Silver
The strongest version is Winston Classic and the mildest is Winston White.

4. Parliament cigarettes
These premium cigarettes were introduced by Philip Morris in 1931 and differed from other brands with recessed paper filters. Today these are favorite cigarettes of smokers who love refinement and luxury. Here are the Parliament varieties:
Parliament Reserve
Parliament Super Slims
Parliament One
Parliament Silver Blue
Parliament Aqua Blue
Parliament Night Blue
The srongest version is Parliament Night Blue  and the mildest is Parliament One.

5. Lucky Strike cigarettes
It was introduced on the market in 1871 and is the oldest cigarette brand. Today it is produced by British American Tobacco group. Men may choose among:
Lucky Strike Original Red
Lucky Strike Click&Roll
Lucky Strike Original Silver
Lucky Strike Blue
All Lucky Strike varieties are quite strong but the strongest version is Lucky Strike Original Red .

Best Cigarettes For Women


When it comes to smoking, there appears a quastion “What ciggarettes to choose?”. Men usually prefer strong cigarettes to feel strong and pleasant tobacco taste. Some choose even non-filters as they give strongest feelngs! Women like delicate and mild cigarettes with various tastes such as menthol, apple, strawberry, etc. Cigarettes for women are made in a slim shape so that it could fit their hand and mouth. Women smoking slims look very stylish, fashionable and stunning. Each cigarette brand has its unique and beautiful ciggarettes and package design so that each woman may choose one which perfectly suits her image.
What are the cigarettes created for women?

1. Glamour cigarettes
It is one of leading brands among superslims cigarettes. It was introduced in 2005 by Japan Tobacco Inc (JTI) and today is number one in many Asian and Eastern European countries. The brand is available in many varieties with different pleasant tastes:
Glamour Superslims Menthol
Glamour Super Slims Amber
Glamour Super Slims Lilac
Glamour Super Slims Azure
The strongest version is Glamour Super Slims Lilac and the mildest is Glamour Super Slims Amber.

2. Karelia cigarettes
These cigarettes belong to the premium category and are of highest quality. They are introduced on tobacco market almost 22 years ago  by Karelia Tobacco company originated from Greece. If you love luxury then these cigarettes are for you:
Karelia Superslims Ome Yellow
Karelia Slims Party
Karelia Slims Blue
Karelia Slims Crem Color
Karelia Slims Menthol
Karelia Slims
The strongest version is Karelia Slims and the mildest is Karelia Slims Crem Color.

3. Kiss cigarettes
Unusual cigarettes with unusual tastes. They have bright packages and delicios tastes. Each verity of Kiss cigarettes is a magnificent discovery! They are created by British Innovation Tobacco Company and combine excellent English quality and low price. There are a number of varieties of Kiss cigarettes:
Kiss Superslims Romantic
Kiss Superslims Strawberry
Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple
Kiss Superslims Menthol
Kiss Superslims Energy
Kiss Superslims Dream
The tastes are quite strong for delicate smoking, even one with menthol. The strongest variety among them is Kiss Superslims Romantic. All other varieties are a little bit milder.

4. Style cigarettes
They are created by Imperial Tobacco Company and have a very mild taste with pleasant and delicious notes.  They are created specially for stylish women to accentuate their style. On the package you may see a butterfly making reference to lightness. Style cigarette types:
Style Superslims
Style Selection Blue
Style Selection Rose
The strongest variety is Style Selection Blue and the mildest is Style Superslims .

5. Vogue cigarettes
This is a popular and luxury brand of cigarettes which are available in several varieties:
Vogue Super Slims Menthe
Vogue Super Slims Lilas
Vogue Super Slims Bleue
Vogue Super Slims Platine
Vogue Super Slims Arome
The strongest version is Vogue Super Slims Arome and the mildest is Vogue Super Slims Platine.

Best CC-creams

In my previous post I wrote what CC-creans are. Now let us move to best CC-cream brands.

1. Clinique, Superdefense CC Cream Colour Correcting Skin Protector SPF 30

Multifunctional moisturizing skin color tone balancer contains two-layer optical particles which make dull skin look radiant, yellow skin acquires peach freshness and blemishes become invisible. Hyaluronic acid instantly fills skin with moisture while trehalose and sorbitol help to keep it healthy. Antioxidants protect skin from external aggressors.

2. Olay, Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer SPF 15

This CC-cream contains vitamins B and E which help to fight seven signs of aging thus they help to:
- reduce wrinkles
- smooth tone
- brighten pigmentation
- improve facial cell renewal
- moisturize skin
- improve natural skin protection from moisture loss
- give radiance

3. L’Oreal Paris, Nude Magique CC Cream SPF 12

L’Oreal is concentrated on production of primers. Their CC-creams have three shades:
-Apricot refreshes the complexion
- Green neutralizes redness
- Lilac brightens
Like Nude Magique BB Cream, this CC-cream contains microparticles of foundation. When applied , they do dissolve and get mixed with colored pigments to create a double effect. A great bonus – all day moiturizing.

4. Max Factor CC Cream SPF 10

This CC-cream provides intensive color correction and care. Cucumber water and extracts of rose hips and sea-buckthorn give moisture and smoothness.

5. Chanel, Complete Correction SPF 30 / PA +++

Light coverage hides reddness, pigmentation and large pores. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for hydration throughout the day. Cornflowerblue water calms down sensitive skin.

What CC-creams Are


Each month on shelves of cosmetic stores do appear several new BB-creams. Moreover, Dior has released  bb-cream for eye area and L’Oreal Paris has released concealer, powder and blush — all with prefix bb. In the meantime, beauty brands continue to explore other letters of the alphabet. Meet CC-creams.

Before familiarizing with CC-creams let us remember features of famous BB-creams. He is multifunctional — one cream should replace 7 products: foundation, moisturizer, sun protection cream, anti-acne treatment, anti-wrinkles cream, primer, and corrector. BB-cream was accepted by women with a great enthusiasm and now specialists are working over a new cream that is going to be much better.

The abbreviation CC stands for several meanings: Complete Correction and Color Control (most common one). Like BB-cream, CC-cream came from Asia where it was launched in 2011 by Rachel K, a cosmetic company from Singapure. That cream was Mineral CC Cream and it conquered the Asians with high contents of botanical extracts and shade thus opening the way for the new trend.

So what is CC-cream?
CC-cream is an improved version of BB-cream. CC-cream contains less oils and therefore it has a light texture. It improves much better visusl lining of color and skin relief. It makes possible to apply cream on eye area for both covering and care.Besides this, CC-cream provides radiance and matte finish of T-zone. The cream provides persistence and therefore there is no need to use powder   to fix make up. The cream contains more moisturizing, anti-aging and other helpful components. As with BB-creams, CC-creams have a modest range of colors — two or three shades.  The ability to adapt to skin shade is greatly improved.

In my next post I will write about CC-cream brands.