Best Rock Biographies

Brian Molko

If you love to read and you are rocker at the same time, then you will appreciate these books suggestion! It is always interesting to know how a simple man became a star. Inspire recepies of successful rock career from famous rockers!

1. Phil Lynott: The Rocker by Mark Putterford

Phil Lynott: The Rocker by Mark Putterford
Mark Putterford wrote a book about Phil Lynott, an Irish musician who was lead vocals in the rock band Thin Lizzy between 1969 — 1983. The book reveals the musician biography from 1950s Dublin to his appearence in Thin Lizzy and his tragic death. The author used numerous interviews and had discussions with Phil’s family members, therefore the book contains authentic material. You will find out some shoking info about the rocker. Get ready!

2. Misunderstood – The Brian Molko Story by Chloe Govan

Misunderstood - The Brian Molko Story by Chloe Govan
Today Placebo is a successful English rock band with seven studio albums released and a number of DVDs with concerts, singles, EPs, complilation albums. They are 20 years on stage and during this period they were growing and becomming more and more popular and successful. Chloe Govan wrote a true story about Brian Molko, the band’s frontman and songwriter, and you will find out how from a fallen angel he became a rock star of modern times!

3. Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock ‘n’ Roller’s Life and 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict by  Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock 'n' Roller's Life and 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict
Yeah, this book is for lovers of hard rock! The book is the rocker’s authobiography which reveals his love for golf. Alice Cooper is the lead vocals of the band with similar name since 1963 till present. He was addicted to alcohol and you will find out that golf helped him to overcome it. In this book Alice Cooper tells a story how from a little boy he grew up and became rocker. He tells sincerely about his life, career, addictions and passions.

4. Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith by Joe Perry

Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith by Joe Perry
Joe Perry is lead guitar player from Aerosmith. He became part of this band in 1970. He occupies place number 84 in the list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine. Joe Perry is a great example of how passion for playing guitar becomes an obsession. Once he meet Steven Tyler and it changed his life. In his book Joe Perry tells the story of his life. You will find out about his private life, about his sucesses and failures, and more.

5. Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart

Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart
He is a legendary musician and songwriter born and raised in London. During his career he played in such bands as Shotgun Express, Steampacket, The Jeff Beck Group, Faces. He is remarkable for having six consecutive number one albums in the UK! The book was released in 2012 and fans may find out interesting things about the legendary rocker.


Best Sunscreens for Summer 2015

Best Sunscreen

In summer your skin must be protected from hazadrous sun rays, especially of you go to Hawaii beaches or anywhere else to the sea.

Last year I wrote about how to choose a sunscreen and you already know what ingredients should be written on the pack of a good sun protection solution. This post provides a list of five best sunscreens of 2015.

1. Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Gentle Breeze SPF 30 Lotion by Avon

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535® Gentle Breeze SPF 30 Lotion by Avon
I included it in my list as this lotion has a number of good functions: protects the skin from UV rays, effectively repels mosquitoes (and other bugs) and at the same time takes care of skin. The lotion contains aloe vera and vitamin E. It mosturizes and softens skin, lasts longer and smells great. Contains active sunscreen ingredients: octinoxate 7.5%, oxybenzone 6.0% and octisalate 5.0%.

2. Original Protection Spray 12Hr Moisturisation SPF30 by Garnier

Original Protection Spray 12Hr Moisturisation SPF30 by Garnier
French cosmetic company L’Oreal is making good products in its Garnier branch. Ambre Solaire is a well-known line of sun protection products: sunsreens and after-sun for different types of skin, suitable for entire family! This product is very easy to use because it is in form of spray. Its major advantage is long lasting moisturisation which is so needed in summer time. Contains Vitamin E.

3. Sensitive Advanced Protection Face And Neck Lotion SPF 50+ by Garnier

Sensitive Advanced Protection Face And Neck Lotion SPF 50+ by Garnier
On the beach not only your body needs protection, but face and neck too! It would be a good idea to choose a solution with high SPF. Sensitive skin needs an SPF 50, not less. This product has no perfume and no colourants, is hypoallergenic. Just perfect.

4. Huile Sèche SPF 20 by Vichy

Huile Sèche SPF 20 by Vichy
This luxury product provides a luxury care for your luxury body when you are under the sun.  It has a number of advantages: it comes in form of spray easy to use, it is suitable for both body and face and it contains oil! The maker claims that the spray protects your skin from premature aging, pigmented spots and damaging. Contains coconut oil and unique thermal water Vichy SPA.

5. Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 by Alba Botanica

Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 by Alba Botanica
In my list of five best sunscreens this is an organic one. It contains 100% vegetarian ingredients and has no parabens! Contains revitalizing green tea. Moisturizes skin for long period of time and is water resistant. Who loves organic products, should take into consideration this sunscreen.

Best Beaches in the USA in 2015

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Hawaii

Preparing for 2015 summer vacations? Find out what beaches in the USA are best this year.

Last week  Professor Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University  known as Dr. Beach revealed which ten beaches in the USA are best. He makes this list each year and now is the time for 2015 edition as the summer is coming. This year the title of top beach in the USA received Waimanalo Bay Beach Park located on Oahu, Hawaii.

Dr. Beach estimates beaches by 50 criteria such as water and sand quality, amenities,  environmental management. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park received highest marks in all categories and it is ahead of Barefoot Beach in Florida. In past several years Leatherman introduced some new criteria for beaches estimation. The talk is about no-smoking rules. and safety.

Leatherman explained that when the talk is about litter on beaches, most frequently are seen there cigarette butts and plastic, therefore he gave higher marks to those beaches that are clean. On the beaches where smoking was permitted it was normal to gather ten cigarette butts in a square meter. In Oahu smoking is banned on beaches and that makes their beaches clean. This helped the Oahu beach to win this year the highest place in top 10 best US beaches. Another factor which plays an important role is beach location. Waimanalo is located in a quiet town near an Air Force base, far away from the noisy city of Waikiki.

Leatherman says that the beach is very beautiful and few people know about this place. That is one more reason why it is so clean and perfect. The beach is the longest in Oahu, the water is blue and not very deep here. It is a safe place. Though there are a lot of amazing beaches in Hawaii, but not every beach can be called safe.

It should be said that Waimanalo Bay is a perfect place for fising and there is a lot of fish here. However, the waters here are calm and this place is not for surfing.

In 2015 list of best US beaches was included one more Hawaii beach. The talk is about  Hamoa Beach on Maui . Generally speaking, Hawaii beaches receive highest marks from Leatherman for years.

2015 Top 10 Beaches in the USA:
1. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Hawaii;
2. Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida;
3. St. George Island State Park on the Florida Panhandle;
4. Hamoa Beach on Maui, Hawaii;
5. Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks of North Carolina;
6. Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne, Florida;
7. Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts;
8. Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island, South Carlolina;
9. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples, Florida;
10. East Beach in Santa Barbara, California.

Red Cigarettes for Strong People

Red personifies power, breakthrough, will to victory. Red reaches what it desired and was dreaming of. Red is always in motion as this is a source of energy. Red wants to be the first in all spheres of life because its moto is “let the strongest survive”. The red color grows circumspect – remember red color in traffic lights that makes you stop and wait.

Maximality in feelings is typical for red. It means that if you love you love passionately, if you hate you hate passionately, if you believe you believe passionately. Red is always passionate because it symbolizes passion. It is the color of sensuality and temptation, which attracts, invites, seduces, excites and desires.

Red cigarettes are for true leaders who know exectly what they want and know how to achieve it. This color strengtens power and authority. Most red cigarettes have high amount of nicotine and tar to ensure strong strength for strong people.

Here is the list of best red cigarettes:
Atis Ardent (strong cigarettes with 9.0 mg  tar and 0.8 mg nicotine)

Atis Ardent
Fluierasi (very strong cigarettes with 16.0mg tar and 1.3mg nicotine)


L&M Red Label (strong cigaretets with 10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

L&M Red Label
Marlboro Red (strong cigarettes with 10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

Marlboro Red
Monte Carlo Red (strong cigarettes with 10.0mg tar and 0.7mg nicotine)

Monte Carlo Red
Prima Lux Red (strong cigarettes with 12mg tar and 0,9mg nicotine)

Prima Lux Red
Red & White American Blend (strong cigarettes with10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

Red & White American Blend
West Compact Red (average cigarettes with 7,0mg tar and 0,6mg nicotine)

West Compact Red
Winston Classic (average cigarette with 8,0mg tar and 0,7mg nicotine)

Winston Classic
Wont Red 0.8 (strong cigarettes with 10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

Wont Red 0.8

What is Gommage and How to Use It

Facial Care

The word “gommage” comes from French “gomme” which literally means “eraser”. Gommage is a cosmetic product or procedure specially created to remove upper layer of skin in order to peel dead cells off. This helps to improve structure and look of the skin.

Skin peel-off is a natural physiological processes. However, a number of negative factors may break this process and this leads to breaking of most important skin functions such as breathing. These negative factors are:
– inadequate skin hygiene;
– vitamin deficiency;
– poor ecology;
– stresses and diseases.
As a result skin becomes dull and looks unhealthy. It needs a special care.

With time, skin loses its ability to remove dead cells alone. It needs our help and here our best aids are gommage or scrub.

What is the difference between gommage and scrub?
Both gommage and scrub are exfoliators and have the same function – to remove upper layer of skin that is dead cells. What differes them is the approach to the removal. Scrub acts mechanically with small particles, while gommage acts with fruit acids or enzymes. This makes peel-off with gommage softer and more delicate. Due to its roughness, scrub is not recommended for sensitive and tender skin. However, all types of skin need additional cosmetic peeling and here comes gommage! It is suitable for all skin types!

Gommage contains no hard particles like scrub. Its fruit acids or enzymes dissolve dead cells and in this way they are gently removed. Besides effective exfoliation, micro massage of skin stimulates blood circulation, accelerates cellular metabolism eliminates stagnant conditions, and improves protective function of skin. In case of regular gommage use, skin becomes fresh, more elastic and looks younger.

Gommage contains ingredients which actively moisturize and nourish skin, enhance metabolism, improve aqua and oily balance of skin, but aromatic olis make the process of peeling especially pleasant.

How often gommage should be used?
Well, it depends on skin type:
– oily or mixed skin type – 3 times a week;
– normal or dry skin – 1 time a week;
– mature skin (45+) – 1-2 times a week.

When gommage should not be used?
Do not use gommage before sun, freeze, wind exposure because after procedure the skin is extrimely vulnerable.

Is there any age limits on gommage use?
No. Women of any age may easily use it as skin always needs additional peeling.

In the end it may be said that gommage is a magic solution. Women with problematic and oily skin were waiting for such a solution for a long time and now may enjoy the novelty from French cosmetic makers. Yeah, French created it and they are best makers of gommage. Therefore look for French producers: Yves Rocher, Yon-Ka, Payot, Clarins and more. On some gommages is written “scrub”, so be careful and look on ingredients.

Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine’s Day


It is February and soon people in many countries of the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day, most romantic holiday of the year. Now is the time to choose a gift for your dear Valentine. In this article we provide recommendations for men who are searching best gifts for their beloved women.

First let us go into history of this holiday.
Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14. It is believed that the holiday comes from both ancient Roman and Christian traditions. The Catholic Encyclopedia writes that there were three Christian saints who beared the name of Valentine: priest in Rome,  bishop in Terni and one churchman about whom nothing is known. All them were martyred on 14th February, but the first of them was honored by Pope Gelasius.

Many scientists suggest that this Christian priest lived around 270 AD in Rome and he fell into disgrace of Roman emperor Claudius II. It was the time when the Roman Empire began to fade and Claudius II needed soldiers. He believed that married men were attached to their families, which prevents them from being good soldiers. He considered that marriage makes men weak. Therefore, in order to have a good army, Claudius II prohibited marriage by an edict. People disliked the edict, but did not protest because of fear. In these conditions, priest Valentine was the one who dared to hold secret marriage ceremonies of soldiers.  When Claudius II found out about it, he ordered to take the priest in prision, where he tried to turn him into Roman religion. However, Valentine did not refuse from Christianity and as a result was executed on February 14. Thus Valentine became a fearless symbol of love.

Now let us move to present times and the gift ideas for women. Here is the list of best ideas which any wonan will like:
1. Flowers

Red Roses Bouquet
This is most universal and aprreciated gift for this holiday. Better choice here are red roses, which are universal symbol of love. It is suitable for women of all ages and characters.

2. Box of chocolate

Box of Chocolate Heart
Choose a beautiful box in shape of heart!

3. Teddy bear

Teddy Bear
This cute gift is perfect for tender young ladies.

 4. Book

Opened Book
Well, here is a wide range of choices, because there are thousands of books in shops! The choice depends on her personality, preferences and your relationship. If you both are young and romantic, and you are at the beginning of relationship, choose Shakespeare’s sonnets. If your relationship has already become more intimate, choose “Fifty Shadows of Grey”. The list may be very and very large here, better go the shop and managers will help you to choose.

5. CD

Compact Disc
Just like with books, here is a wide range of choices. It all depends on music she prefers and CDs avaiable in shops. It is very important to find out what kind of music she likes and to choose a CD according to her preferences, but this music should be romantic and all about love. For example, if she is rocker best choice may be “Loud Like Love” by Placebo.

6. T-Shirt

Love T-shirt
Choose a T-shirt with a romantic inscription or with a romantic drawing! You may even make a personal inscription!

7. Cup

Love Cup
A cup with a romantic inscription. “All of me loves all of you” sounds just perfect, isn’t it?

8. Candles

Beautiful candles with pleasant sensual aromas are always romantic!

9. Heart pendant

Heart Pendant
She will have it around her neck and it will always remind her of you.

10. Pillow with heart cushion

Heart Cushion
Very romantic! Every woman will appreciate it!

Best Mascaras for Winter 2015

Emily Didonato

Winter time is a very special time when your face is exposed to freeze and precipitations in form of snow or wet snow, sometimes high humidity and temperature differences. You should be ready for any of these conditions and your make-up must remain perfect just like you did it at home in the morning! Pay a special attention to your masacara — it must be waterproof otherwise your skin under eyes will become black and this lapse will spoil your pretty face and may spoil all your day. Choose good professional mascaras from well known brands.

Be ready for winter and better use waterproof mascara as you never know what weather is waiting for you outside.

Take into consideration the list of best mascaras for winter:
Maybelline – Volum Express The Colossal Smoky Eyes Mascara

Maybelline - Volum Express The Colossal Smoky Eyes Mascara
It has collagen which thicken lashes in the same way it fills out wrinkles.

Givenchy – Noir Couture

Givenchy - Noir Couture
Are you dreaming of cartoonish lashes in winter 2015? Yeah, with three-spiraled brush of this mascara you may have them as it perfectly curls and contains beeswax to care about your lashes.

Clinique – High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

Clinique - High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara
Its unique brush combs through lashes and they do not look heavy at all.

Bourjois – Queen Attitude Mascara

Bourjois - Queen Attitude Mascara
Its canting brush cathes the lashes and makes them easier to separate from each other.

Also I decided to include new mascaras of the winter 2015.

Clarins – Truly Waterproof Mascara

Clarins - Truly Waterproof Mascara
It is avialble in three shades: Intense Black, Curacao, Aquatic Green and each of them will make you fashionable this winter.

Essence – Plump No Clump Mascara

Essence - Plump No Clump Mascara
This mascara gives amazing volume  to the lashes. This is an inexpensive masacara for thrifty beauty queens as it costs less than $5 🙂 The brush separates the lashes for perfect definition.

MAC – Mineralize Multi Effect Lash Mascara

MAC - Mineralize Multi Effect Lash Mascara
This is a mineral mascara by  MAC which decided to extend its popular mineralize collection. No clumps. Only beautiful lashes.

Rimmel London – Wonder’Lash Mascara

Rimmel London - Wonder’Lash Mascara
The new mascara contains argan oil which prevents clumps and cares about the lasjes. It is feather-soft and lightweight.