Beauty Trends for Autumn-Winter 2014


1. Eyes
90s are back! Autumn and winter 2014 are all about eyes. Use blue color to show their beauty. For daytime use a blue undereye liner and for the evening cover full lids with blue glitter. Before applying glitter cover lids with vaseline so that glitter could stick. In order to look like a real girl from 90s, add red blotted lips to blue eyes. Generally, everything what sparkles is welcome this season, so experiment with metallic effects on yout eyes, cheeks and even lips.

Full fluttery lashes which make you look like a doll are very trendy because retro style is back this season. For a retro effect use a nude lipstick, lash mascara, black eye liner.

Cara Delevingne

2. Brows
They should be just big! Here seems the influence of fashion model Cara Delevingne. In case you do not have natural big brows, do not worry, fill the shape of your brows with a brow pencil! Find an appropriate shade and do not forget to blend well.

Another trend of 2014 season is invisible brows, which will make you look like Mona Lisa. No matter what hair color you have, bleach your brows and you will look trendy. Contrast your vhite brows with a tonal eyeshadow or blend it in with your skintone.


3. Skin
Use highlighters and luminisers to add glow to your complexion. For a trendy evening look combine luminous skin with blushed cheeks and a sleek ponytail. Adding glow to your lips will make you look fresh.

Do not forget to use a good rich night cream, which will help to rehydrate your skin in conditions of rapid change of temperature when outside is freezy and inside is hot.

When you moisturize generously your skin, use small amount of foundation.


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