Top Non-Filter Cigarettes

Astra Non-FilterWhen you are looking for a quality smoke, you normally ask your friends for an advice or recall well-known cigarette brands in your mind which inspire confidence. Marketing departments know that if a brand name or logo appears frequently in front of man’s eyes, this brand fixes firmly in his mind. Then he starts to trust this brand because he is familiar with it.

When the talk is about no-filter cigarettes, people can hardly recall a cigarette brand which has such products in its range. This is because non-filters are not promoted like filters. Why? Because filter cigarettes are for mass consumption and non-filters are for a narrow circle of consumers, because not all smokers like the harsh taste of tobacco which non-filters give. Filters in cigarettes help to make smoking milder.

That is the reason why non-filters are usually used only by experienced smokers. They say that cigarettes without filters allow them to feel true taste of tobacco.  Moreover, they say that in production of non-filter cigarettes is used tobacco of higher quality than in filter cigarettes!

Non-filters are strongest among all kinds of cigarettes and it is common feature which joins them. Incredible, but seems to be true as experienced smokers are true professionsls in tobacco. In this post we will look through one famous cigarettes brand and some brands less known to large public.

1. Camel Non-Filter (tar 10mg, nicotine 0.8mg)

This is most popular cigarettes brand among non-filters. The manufacturer is R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, one of leading tobacco companies worldwide. Probably most of us heard this brand name, saw its logo or even saw its ads. These cigarettes are packed in a soft pack and are made of Turkish tobacco which gives them a sweet taste.

2. Leana Non-Filter (tar 15mg, nicotine 1.3mg)

This is a product of famous tobacco maker in Moldova called Tutun-CTC. These cigarettes belong to the Oriental (Moldavian) Blend East type. The package is made of carton.

3. Nistru Non-Filter (tar 16mg, nicotine 1.3mg)

Just like Leana, it is produced by Tutun-CTC and also contains Oriental (Moldavian) Blend of tobaccos. However, tobaccos are mixed in different proportions, which makes the taste different. Nistru are little bit stronger than Leana.

4. Astra Non-Filter (tar 16mg, nicotine 1.3mg)

Another product of Tutun-CTC. Astra is a very popular cigarette brand in Moldova. For many years smokers choose it due to high quality tobacco used in its Oriental Blend.

5. Plugarul (tar 18mg, nicotine 1.3mg)

It is strongest cigarette brand among non-filters presented in this list. The manufacturer — Tutun-CTC famous for its quality brands. Plugarul is packed in a soft pack which makes it suitable for any pocket.

6. Hilton Original Non-Filter (tar 10mg, nicotine 0.8mg)

This is a product by British American Tobacco. It is as mild as Camel Non-Filters but has a different taste. What is unusual in these cigarettes is that they are non-filters but have a filter imitation! There is no cellulose but only paper! The unusual filter makes smoking really unusual.

The strength of all these cigarettes aloows to make an amazing smoke rings, because the stronger cigarettes are the better rings you get.


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