Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine’s Day


It is February and soon people in many countries of the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day, most romantic holiday of the year. Now is the time to choose a gift for your dear Valentine. In this article we provide recommendations for men who are searching best gifts for their beloved women.

First let us go into history of this holiday.
Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14. It is believed that the holiday comes from both ancient Roman and Christian traditions. The Catholic Encyclopedia writes that there were three Christian saints who beared the name of Valentine: priest in Rome,  bishop in Terni and one churchman about whom nothing is known. All them were martyred on 14th February, but the first of them was honored by Pope Gelasius.

Many scientists suggest that this Christian priest lived around 270 AD in Rome and he fell into disgrace of Roman emperor Claudius II. It was the time when the Roman Empire began to fade and Claudius II needed soldiers. He believed that married men were attached to their families, which prevents them from being good soldiers. He considered that marriage makes men weak. Therefore, in order to have a good army, Claudius II prohibited marriage by an edict. People disliked the edict, but did not protest because of fear. In these conditions, priest Valentine was the one who dared to hold secret marriage ceremonies of soldiers.  When Claudius II found out about it, he ordered to take the priest in prision, where he tried to turn him into Roman religion. However, Valentine did not refuse from Christianity and as a result was executed on February 14. Thus Valentine became a fearless symbol of love.

Now let us move to present times and the gift ideas for women. Here is the list of best ideas which any wonan will like:
1. Flowers

Red Roses Bouquet
This is most universal and aprreciated gift for this holiday. Better choice here are red roses, which are universal symbol of love. It is suitable for women of all ages and characters.

2. Box of chocolate

Box of Chocolate Heart
Choose a beautiful box in shape of heart!

3. Teddy bear

Teddy Bear
This cute gift is perfect for tender young ladies.

 4. Book

Opened Book
Well, here is a wide range of choices, because there are thousands of books in shops! The choice depends on her personality, preferences and your relationship. If you both are young and romantic, and you are at the beginning of relationship, choose Shakespeare’s sonnets. If your relationship has already become more intimate, choose “Fifty Shadows of Grey”. The list may be very and very large here, better go the shop and managers will help you to choose.

5. CD

Compact Disc
Just like with books, here is a wide range of choices. It all depends on music she prefers and CDs avaiable in shops. It is very important to find out what kind of music she likes and to choose a CD according to her preferences, but this music should be romantic and all about love. For example, if she is rocker best choice may be “Loud Like Love” by Placebo.

6. T-Shirt

Love T-shirt
Choose a T-shirt with a romantic inscription or with a romantic drawing! You may even make a personal inscription!

7. Cup

Love Cup
A cup with a romantic inscription. “All of me loves all of you” sounds just perfect, isn’t it?

8. Candles

Beautiful candles with pleasant sensual aromas are always romantic!

9. Heart pendant

Heart Pendant
She will have it around her neck and it will always remind her of you.

10. Pillow with heart cushion

Heart Cushion
Very romantic! Every woman will appreciate it!


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