Red Cigarettes for Strong People

Red personifies power, breakthrough, will to victory. Red reaches what it desired and was dreaming of. Red is always in motion as this is a source of energy. Red wants to be the first in all spheres of life because its moto is “let the strongest survive”. The red color grows circumspect – remember red color in traffic lights that makes you stop and wait.

Maximality in feelings is typical for red. It means that if you love you love passionately, if you hate you hate passionately, if you believe you believe passionately. Red is always passionate because it symbolizes passion. It is the color of sensuality and temptation, which attracts, invites, seduces, excites and desires.

Red cigarettes are for true leaders who know exectly what they want and know how to achieve it. This color strengtens power and authority. Most red cigarettes have high amount of nicotine and tar to ensure strong strength for strong people.

Here is the list of best red cigarettes:
Atis Ardent (strong cigarettes with 9.0 mg  tar and 0.8 mg nicotine)

Atis Ardent
Fluierasi (very strong cigarettes with 16.0mg tar and 1.3mg nicotine)


L&M Red Label (strong cigaretets with 10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

L&M Red Label
Marlboro Red (strong cigarettes with 10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

Marlboro Red
Monte Carlo Red (strong cigarettes with 10.0mg tar and 0.7mg nicotine)

Monte Carlo Red
Prima Lux Red (strong cigarettes with 12mg tar and 0,9mg nicotine)

Prima Lux Red
Red & White American Blend (strong cigarettes with10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

Red & White American Blend
West Compact Red (average cigarettes with 7,0mg tar and 0,6mg nicotine)

West Compact Red
Winston Classic (average cigarette with 8,0mg tar and 0,7mg nicotine)

Winston Classic
Wont Red 0.8 (strong cigarettes with 10.0mg tar and 0,8mg nicotine)

Wont Red 0.8


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