Best Ways To Deal With Body Acne


The summer is coming and the problem of body acne becomes more actual these days as we go to the beaches and swimming pools in this period of time. Let us make a little research of the problem.

What is body acne?
Like face acne, body acne is also a delicate topic to discuss. The problem is very common in people and the main cause of its appearing are clogged pores. Pores on face and the body become clogged with excess oil, dead skin and bacteria. Specialists say that appearing of acne on back and chest is not connected to hormonal problems like that on the face. Pores on the body are bigger than those on the face and therefore it is more difficult to treat and prevent them. The skin on the body is thicker, so acne on back or other places can leave serious scars.

How to treat body acne?
1. Salicylic acid helps greatly to fight acne on the body. Use it once every day after shower. You may find it in any pharmacy.
2. African Black Soap is wonderful product for body wash, especially when you use organic one. I buy it at I choose this product of Nubian Heritage. It is really cool and smells good!
3. Tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial properties and it helps to prevent and treat acne both on the face and on the body.  You may use tea tree oil itself or look for soaps or body washes which contain it. There so many products with tea tree that I even would not recommend anything. They are really too many 😉

How to prevent body acne?
Follow the next recommendations:
1. It is necessaty to practise proper hygiene and take shower as soon as you may because dirt would clog pores.
2. Exfoliate skin several times a week and it is better to use a mild exfoliant. Treat your back the same as you treat your face!
3. Change body puff as frequently as possible because it collects bacteria.