Best CC-creams

In my previous post I wrote what CC-creans are. Now let us move to best CC-cream brands.

1. Clinique, Superdefense CC Cream Colour Correcting Skin Protector SPF 30

Multifunctional moisturizing skin color tone balancer contains two-layer optical particles which make dull skin look radiant, yellow skin acquires peach freshness and blemishes become invisible. Hyaluronic acid instantly fills skin with moisture while trehalose and sorbitol help to keep it healthy. Antioxidants protect skin from external aggressors.

2. Olay, Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer SPF 15

This CC-cream contains vitamins B and E which help to fight seven signs of aging thus they help to:
– reduce wrinkles
– smooth tone
– brighten pigmentation
– improve facial cell renewal
– moisturize skin
– improve natural skin protection from moisture loss
– give radiance

3. L’Oreal Paris, Nude Magique CC Cream SPF 12

L’Oreal is concentrated on production of primers. Their CC-creams have three shades:
-Apricot refreshes the complexion
– Green neutralizes redness
– Lilac brightens
Like Nude Magique BB Cream, this CC-cream contains microparticles of foundation. When applied , they do dissolve and get mixed with colored pigments to create a double effect. A great bonus – all day moiturizing.

4. Max Factor CC Cream SPF 10

This CC-cream provides intensive color correction and care. Cucumber water and extracts of rose hips and sea-buckthorn give moisture and smoothness.

5. Chanel, Complete Correction SPF 30 / PA +++

Light coverage hides reddness, pigmentation and large pores. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for hydration throughout the day. Cornflowerblue water calms down sensitive skin.


What CC-creams Are


Each month on shelves of cosmetic stores do appear several new BB-creams. Moreover, Dior has released  bb-cream for eye area and L’Oreal Paris has released concealer, powder and blush — all with prefix bb. In the meantime, beauty brands continue to explore other letters of the alphabet. Meet CC-creams.

Before familiarizing with CC-creams let us remember features of famous BB-creams. He is multifunctional — one cream should replace 7 products: foundation, moisturizer, sun protection cream, anti-acne treatment, anti-wrinkles cream, primer, and corrector. BB-cream was accepted by women with a great enthusiasm and now specialists are working over a new cream that is going to be much better.

The abbreviation CC stands for several meanings: Complete Correction and Color Control (most common one). Like BB-cream, CC-cream came from Asia where it was launched in 2011 by Rachel K, a cosmetic company from Singapure. That cream was Mineral CC Cream and it conquered the Asians with high contents of botanical extracts and shade thus opening the way for the new trend.

So what is CC-cream?
CC-cream is an improved version of BB-cream. CC-cream contains less oils and therefore it has a light texture. It improves much better visusl lining of color and skin relief. It makes possible to apply cream on eye area for both covering and care.Besides this, CC-cream provides radiance and matte finish of T-zone. The cream provides persistence and therefore there is no need to use powder   to fix make up. The cream contains more moisturizing, anti-aging and other helpful components. As with BB-creams, CC-creams have a modest range of colors — two or three shades.  The ability to adapt to skin shade is greatly improved.

In my next post I will write about CC-cream brands.

Where To Buy BB Creams?


Today BB creams make a revolution in makeups and facial care. This innovation product combines best properties of a foundation and creams, but it is not a foundation or cream itself.  Six properties of a BB cream:
– moisturizing
– nourishment
– primer
– corrector
– sun protection
– whitening

Earlier you worried that foundation clogs up pores but with BB cream you do not have to worry about it. BB cream not only conceals skin blemishes but treats it. When used regularly, unique composition of BB creams helps to treat acne and prevent appearing of skin problems.

Most unusual and unique property of BB creams is their ability to ideally adjust to skin tone, therefore you should not worry about cream tone that may not suit your skin tone. With a BB cream your skin looks so natural that no one may even suppose that you have applied something on your face.

First BB cream was invented in Germany and initially it was used to help restore tissues after laser plastic operations on face. Its properties to camouflage scars and reddenings was just amazing. The trend quickly spread in Asia and then in Europe and the USA.

Though today practically all cosmetics brands worldwide have BB creams in their products lines, best BB creams are made in Asia. Such brands as Missha, Skin79, Hanskin are best brands that produce BB creams.

BB creams provide next effects:
– visible flattening of skin
– high sun protection factor (from 20 to 50 depending on brand)
– natural look
– ideal coverage
– skin regeneration
– anti-aging effects
–  whitening
– adjustment to skin tone

Where to buy BB cream?
I buy BB creams at, an Asian web site with large assortment of Asian brands. What I like is that they do sell not only BB creams but many other products for hair care, facial care. I am satisfied with their products, prices, service and delivery terms. If you know other sites with large aasortment of BB creams, please feel free to write about it in comments!