Best Cigarettes for Beginners


People who want to start smoking often ask what cigarettes are best to start with. Today tobacco market offers a wide range of cigarettes and a beginner has difficulties with choosing an appropiate brand for him. The present guide will help smokers to make a right choice.

It is better for smokers to start their smoking experiences with menthol cigarettes. They usually contain small amount of tar and nicotine which make smoking smooth and pleasant.

Menthol is widely used in medicinal products for treating cough. Also menthol is used in tobacco products. Menthol has a minty taste and aroma, and makes man feel cool sensation in his mouth. Cooling property of menthol helps to reduce the irritation and harshness of smoking when used in cigarettes.

Let us start from mildest among menthols:

1. Glamour Superslims Menthol
Contains 3.0 mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine.
Glamour is Japan Tobacco International’s leading brand among Super Slims, which was introduced in 2005, Since its introduction the brand managed to gain popularity and become number one Super Slims brand in several Eastern European and Asian countries. Also in the Glamour product line you will find Glamour Superslims Menthol Aroma which contains same amounts of tar and nicotine but its shape is slimmer.

2. Karelia Slims Menthol
Contains 3.0 mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine.
The brand is produced by Karelia Tobacco S.A., a tobacco company from Greece. The company’s history started in 1888 when the first generation of the family Karelia created a small tobacco company in Kalamata, Greece, that sold tobacco in paper pouches to local customers.

Then go little bit stronger:

3. Kiss Superslims Menthol
Contains 5.0 mg tar and o.6 mg nicotine.
This is the product of British Innovation Tobacco Company which uses only best sorts of Barley and Virginia tobaccos. The tobacco manufacturer uses the best tobacco leaves that are imported from best tobacco plantations from  Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Malawi.

4. Esse Super Slims Menthol
Contains 6.0 mg tar and 0.5 mg nicotine.
The manufacturer of this brand is KT&G, the largest cigarette company in Korea. Esse is the leading cigarettes brand in many countries worldwide in premium cigarettes category. It has a highly effective filter system and the lowest amount of harmful additives.

5. Vogue Super Slims Menthe
Contains 7.0 mg tar and 0.7 mg.
In my list these are strongest among menthols, but generally they are mild among all cigarettes. A beginner may start smoking them at once in case he wants a stronger sensation, or he may turn to them gradually. Vogue is a stylish brand for fashionable people. Vogue cigarettes brand is made by British American Tobacco and its style was based on the 1950s couture captured by Henry Clarke. It should be noted that Madonna is smoking Vogue cigarettes in the video for single Vogue.


Where To Buy Menthol Cigarettes?


Menthol cigarettes constitute about 25 percent of all cigarettes sold in the USA and their share on the tobacco market is increasing. Menthol cigarettes are very popular among youth and African Americans due to advertising companies of tobacco producers which were targeting namely these groups. Salem ads of 1973 show this perfectly. Since their appearence in 1920s all ads showed they are healthier and cooler than classic cigarettes.

What is menthol?
Menthol is a kind of alcohol found in mint plants extracts (for example, peppermint). Cooling properties of menthol cigarettes advertised by tobacco companies are real. Smoker feels cooling sensations because menthol is a smooth anesthetic that evokes cold receptors not only in mouth but also in throat and respiratory ways and this causes a gentle numbing sensation that can make tobacco aroma seem milder. First cigarettes brand who in 1924 started using menthol was Spud.

Where to buy menthol cigarettes?
Today many cigarette makers produce menthol verieties in their product lines. There are menthol varieties among premium cigarette brands as well as cheap ones so that everyone could choose brand in accordance with his financial state. Personally I choose Glamour Superslims Menthol, they are so delicious. They are for glamorous ladies as I am 🙂

You know, today cigarettes are too expensive and best way to save money is to buy them in online cigarettes stores. I recommend you, a reliable store with large assortment of menthol cigarettes:
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