Best Selling Cigarette Brands

1. Marlboro cigarettes


Marlboro is most popular cigarette brand in the world. They were launched in 1920s on the USA tobacco market. Marlboro became popular not only in the USA but in many countries in the world due to their original taste and good and interesting advertising campaigns which were actively promoted for many years. Though today Marlboro cigarettes are mostly preferred by males, at the beginning they were created exclusively for women. In 1950s the brand started to use image of cowboys and namely this made it so popular.

2. Camel cigarettes


Among all cigarette brands Camels do have one of most recognizable packages where a camel is depicted. Previously it had a big cartoon camel named Joe Camel and pyramids in the background. Though several years ago package design was changed but the camel still remains on it. The necessity to change package was dictated by complaints that these cigarettes may be attractive to children.  Camel cigarettes have a  harsh taste and millions of smokers from around the world love it. However, those who tried them for the first time said they are quite strong for the beginners.

3. Winston cigarettes


Wiston cigarettes appeared in 1950s. In 1960s famous cartoon characters of Flintstones, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were advertising this brand. Today it seems very unusual that cartoon characters advertise cigarettes but in old times it was ok. Nowadays Winston cigarettes are popular in many countries in the world. Did you know that they were popular for years in Puerto Rico?

4. Lucky Strike cigarettes


Lucky Strike was created in 1871 and is one of oldest cigarette brands in the world! Lucky Strike is top selling cigarette brand in the USA for years and it managed to get many dedicated fans who would not change it for any other cigarette brand. As Marlboros, Lucky Strikes were widely advertised and also had original ads. Besides this, they appeared normally in different TV shows and movies.

5. Pall Mall cigarettes


These cigarettes were always considered premium cigarettes for wealthy people. The brand was created in 1899 and it was named after a well-known street in London where live rich people. Today the brand is affordable for everyone and everyone may enjoy its incomparable aroma. The lions on the package make reference to refinment available today for everyone.